Vicks Digital Thermometer Reviews

How would it be if both the old school and new school got together?

The new Vicks Speedread Digital Thermometer is a digital thermometer with the same old mercury technology.

The screen of this thermometer contains a back-lit LCD and a switch to on and off. The whole plastic body makes it durable, washable and lightweight.

You can take temperature via rectal, underarm or oral use, just like the old glass thermometer and see the temperature, without any fuss like the new digital one.

Who Is It For?

If you are someone who only believes procedures approved by your elders, it's the best bet you've got. It's the best of both worlds for you to try out, and we will take a look at what you can expect from it below.

Features Of Vicks Speedread Thermometer

So, what is it about the Vicks SpeedRead Thermometer that you will like? Here is a look.

vicks thermometer reviews


If you want readings in less time then, Vicks Speed read Digital Thermometer is the one - it can read the temperature in so less as 8 secs.

Despite its old school mercury technology, it Speedread feature ensures you don’t have to wait. You just need to push the scan button, put it under the arm or tongue, and it will show the accurate temperature in seconds.

Smart and intelligent:

Apart from the old mercury technology, it has a digital LCD screen to show the readings, and it has inbuilt fever alarm, it has modes to choose between your baby’s age.

There are three indicators, and you can choose between with the switch placed behind the display.

After taking readings, the display will let you know if there is anything to worry about by showing light notification. If the temperature is normal, it will show up a green back-light, if there is mild fever, it will show up yellow light while the red light denotes that you need to visit a doctor.

Easy to use:

It’s not rocket science here, and even if anything digital scares you, this won’t. It’s the same old technology, with a modern switch; and can be used by anyone and everyone. Its whole plastic body makes it a light weight thermometer.

Due to its water proof technology, it is washable, which means hygiene 100% guaranteed. In addition to, the all new Vicks Digital Thermometer has smart grip feature which might be helpful if you have a naughty tot. It comes with some probe covers and a case to store; you don’t have to even think about where and how to keep it safe.

Dual scale:

Vicks Speed read Digital Thermometer shows you accurate results in both the Celsius and Fahrenheit unit. It is simple to change between them.

You just need to switch it on and hold the power button again for some time, and you can see the clear display again.

The function works great for mothers who want a double check every time their child is sick. Doctors too love it for the ease of use.


  • Washable, in seconds
  • Durable, for long term use
  • Fast reading, in seconds
  • Large clear display, so that you don’t have to put on your specs
  • Switch off sensor to save battery
  • Multiple choices to use


  • Old mercury technology
  • Hard to find batteries
  • Not always accurate

Highlighted Feature:

  • Water resistance body
  • Can be use in rectal, oral and underarm
  • Clear display
  • Option to mute the notification sound
  • Fast reading and fever alarm

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which battery to be used?

Replace the battery with a 1.55V, L41 alkaline or CR1225 silver oxide type or equivalent. If could not found, you can also use CR1225 lithium cells which are easily found.

2. How do you clear the reading once you are done?

You can simply click and hold the scan button that is the big button on the upper side of the display, and your reading will be cleared.

3. What if it doesn’t read your temperature?

Enter your text here...Most of the time it can happen due to any manufacturing defect. The company will replace it if any defect could be found. Before lodging any complaint make sure, the device is not in silent mode, you have enough battery or try a little hard, sometimes these solution works.


Buying reliable medical equipment, but with a brand name like ‘Vicks’, you can’t really go wrong. It does all what you expect from a digital thermometer with a traditional twist – making it perfect for your parents.

The reviews online tell you just how useful it is, and has been rated highly by most users. 

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