Rectal Thermometer Reviews

When you or your baby has fever, it becomes a difficult task to wait for the thermometer to read your temperature. Now say goodbye to those slow mercury thermometers because there are rectal thermometers. This thermometer is extremely reliable and fast by providing a reading in just 10 seconds. Apart from its speed, it also has a fever indication which shows if you have fever or a slight temperature or a high fever.

Who Is It For?

The rectal thermometer can be used by both babies and adult. It can be used to check temperatures orally or rectally. So it is convenient and easy either ways and for everyone.

rectal thermometer reviews

Rectal Thermometer Features

This digital rectal thermometer has all that you would expect– and here is a look at some of the things you would love.

Fast and accurate:

The rectal thermometer is fast as it gives a reading in just 10 seconds. So you can bid goodbye to those long hours of waiting for your thermometer giving you a reading. It also is very accurate to 1/10 degree.

Flexible tip:

The rectal thermometer is very convenient to use and the tip is flexible so that it can used in the mouth, rectal or armpits. The tip is soft which means there will be more slipping of the thermometer. You have to just hold it in the mouth and bite. It is that simple.

Fever indication:

This thermometer has a fever indication feature. It has different smileys to show if the temperature recorded is no fever, slight fever or high fever. When a fever is recorded then it has an alarm. The beep sound is soft so that if you are taking your baby’s temperature while he is sleeping, then it won’t disturb or wake him up.


After taking a temperature reading, it becomes important to clean the thermometer. The tip of this rectal thermometer is waterproof which can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol or even soap and water. The thermometer will not get spoil because of water and it will be kept clean and hygienic.

Previous temperature recording:

The rectal thermometer has a memory function which records the last temperature reading. This makes it easier as you do not have to remember the last reading and can also track the fever in a simpler way.


  • It provides a fast temperature reading in just 10 seconds.
  • It is waterproof which makes the cleaning easier and hygienic.
  • A flexible tip which makes the temperature taking easier and more confident for you and your baby.
  • A memory function which records the last temperature reading to make the tracking of fever easier.
  • It can be used to measure temperature orally or rectally.
  • It has a fever indication feature which makes it easier to see the level of fever and take further measures accordingly.
  • It gives the reading in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.


  • It sometimes does not give an accurate reading.
  • The thermometer is sometimes shipped with a dead battery and therefore the thermometer doesn’t work.

Highlighted Features

  • A fast and accurate in 10 seconds with 1/10 degree accuracy.
  • A waterproof thermometer for easier cleaning process and keeping it hygienic.
  • A flexible tip for a more convenient temperature reading which ensures that there is no slipping when taking the temperature.
  • It has a memory function which records the last temperature reading.
  • It has a fever indication which shows if your baby has no fever, slight fever or high fever.
  • An alarm sound which indicates if a high fever is recorded.

FAQ- Some Questions and Answers

1- What kind of battery does this thermometer use and after how long is it replaceable?

This rectal thermometer uses an LR41 battery. It can work up to 100 hours and then you can replace it. It requires only a small screw driver for you to change the batteries.

2- How do you operate this thermometer?

You just switch on the thermometer. Hear for the first beep sound. Put it in your mouth and wait till you hear another beep. Then check the reading and know your temperature.

3- How do you clean the thermometer to keep it hygienic?

The thermometer is waterproof so you can clean it with either soap and water or rubbing alcohol. Cleaning it with any of these ways will ensure that it is kept clean and hygienic.


Taking temperatures with a mercury thermometer can be a hassle and also very time consuming. But you can bid goodbye to all these problems and buy this digital and rectal thermometer. It is a very easy and convenient way to measure temperature and gives a fast and accurate reading. So throw the mercury thermometer and buy the digital one today! 

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