Infrared Forehead Thermometer Review

Fever can often be the key symptom for other major diseases which is why it is necessary to treat it as soon as possible. Before you visit the doctor and get the correct diagnosis, you have to measure you temperature and keep a record of it. Often, thermometers yield inaccurate results and are considered to be invasive, especially for children. Finding the perfect thermometer can be quite difficult, but Medical Infrared Talking Forehead Thermometer Baby Room Thermometer New 2017 Model fits the bill. It works efficiently and quickly so that there is no delay in getting your children the treatment they need. Here is our Infrared Forehead Thermometer Review.

Who is it made for?

This thermometer is especially suitable for infants and children who refuse to stay still while you are trying to measure their temperature. The quick scanning future makes sure that your child does not feel uncomfortable. However, even adults can use this product as it will provide an accurate reading irrespective of the user.

Infrared Forehead Thermometer Review

Infrared Forehead Thermometer Features:

Accurate reading in under one second:

Trying to keep babies still while measuring their fever is a struggle that all parents face. However, the Dr Madre non-contact infrared thermometer solves this problem with ease. It is equipped with a quick scan feature that works very fast and gives you an accurate and consistent reading of your child's temperature.

The product also has a feature which allows it to measure room temperature. It has been tested by doctors and mothers alike! Your job will be done even before your baby realizes what has been going on.

Non-invasive and touch-less thermometer laser:

Monitoring and keeping a record of temperature fluctuation is necessary for the doctor to find out the cause of the fever. This thermometer allows you to measure your child's temperature as often as you want. If it is a sleeping newborn or restless child, then you can effortlessly take their temperature without causing any disruption or making them feel ill at ease. This also applies for sick adults who do not like to be touched when they have a fever. The scan feature makes this all possible. You can also record the last 12 readings so as to keep track.

You can hear your results in English or Spanish using Audio mode:

Are you looking for a talking thermometer to please your child? Well, this product can read your results out loud either in English or Spanish. If that is an inconvenience, you can also set it to silent mode. You will also be able to take your kid's temperature even in a dark room by pressing just one button. The brand new back-light display helps you read the temperature on the screen in either blue or red. That is how you can detect fever.

Simple to use and has instructions given in English or Spanish:

Laminated instructions on how to use the product English and Spanish are provided with the package itself so that you can use your Dr. Madre thermometer effortlessly and without any hassles. You also have the choices of getting your reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The language can be set to either English or Spanish. All you need to do is switch the device on and press SCAN while holding it 2 to 4 inches from the skin surface. There will be a beep and you will know that the job is done.

2-year manufacturer replacement warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee:

Unless a product is assuredly durable, no company will offer such guarantees. The product comes factory-sealed in a box so that you can be sure if you are received only a brand new product. The thermometer is FDA cleared to assure your protection.


  • Easy to operate
  • Bilingual
  • Has clear and detailed instructions given
  • 2-year manufacturer replacement warranty
  • Quick and accurate readings
  • Non-invasive to babies


  • Very loud beeping noise
  • Can be inconsistent sometimes
  • Tends to wear out soon

Highlighted Features:

  • You can get temperature readings in the blink of an eye
  • Visual and audio indicators help in easy detection of fever
  • Detailed instructions help you make optimum use of the thermometer
  • Has provisions for both English and Spanish speakers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1- What kind of batteries do I need to use in the thermometer?

The Dr Madre Thermometer needs two AAA batteries. You can opt for rechargeable batteries if you want. The package comes with two AAA batteries. You also have a holder in the plastic case for spare batteries.

2- Can it measure in both F and Celsius?

Yes. The thermometer can read temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius according to your chosen language.

3- Can one switch off the voice feature?

Of course. There are instructions provided on how to toggle between the Audio and Silent modes. After pressing the "SCAN" button and realizing it, you will get the option to switch the voice announcement on or off.


The thermometer is a good buy and gives value for price. Your baby will love you for devising such an easy way to measure fever. A sick child never likes to be disturbed. The best part is that it will also work for the rest of your family members. 

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