Braun Ear Thermometer Review

You cannot afford to be negligent when it comes to your health. Ear thermometers are important equipment that must be present in your house as it helps give a better indication of fluctuation in body temperatures, and helps you live a better and more hygienic life.

While there are plenty of ear thermometers that are now easily available you will need the best one for best results. That is why we are reviewing one of the best ear thermometers in the market today - the Braun Ear Thermometer. Let’s take a look at what it offers through this Braun ear thermometer review.

Who is it suitable for?

If you are a parent to an infant, you would know how difficult it is to understand what health problems your little one might be suffering from. When babies fall sick, all they can do is cry as they cannot communicate their problems in words. In such heartbreaking situations, it is a ear thermometer that will come to your rescue and the Braun Ear Thermometer is one of the best ones in the market if not the only one.

Braun Ear Thermometer:

When it comes to personal healthcare, Braun enjoys an unparalleled reputation. The Braun Ear Thermometer comes with several innovative features that not only helps you detect changes in your baby’s body temperature but gives you the most precise measurement as well.

Braun Ear Thermometer Review

Features of the thermometer

1.Can easily be used at home:

You don’t have to be a professional to know how to use an ear thermometer. Children tend to suffer from fever frequently and it is inconvenient and impractical to think that you can rush to your doctor as soon as your child falls sick. This thermometer comes with a unique guidance system that informs the parents that the thermometer has been correctly inserted in the baby’s ears. So it is the thermometer itself that will guide you on how to place it the best way to get the right readings.

2.Quick and fast measurements:

The thermometer uses the latest infrared technology that gives you a precise reading of the toddler’s body temperature in just a few seconds. This happens due to the ThermoScan that measures the infrared heat that is released by the eardrum along with the delicate tissues surrounding it.

In addition to that, the thermometer also has a small and flexible tip that is extremely gentle and soft on your child’s ears. It enables you to read your baby’s body temperature even when he is fast asleep.

3.Accurate readings every time:

Braun knows how to make its thermometers more reliable yet comfortable and precise. That is why this ear thermometer comes with a pre-warmed tip. Since other ear thermometers have tips that are at room temperature, it could alter the readings you see.

So using a pre-warmed tip ensures you get the most accurate reading, ever. Just softly place it in your baby’s ear and even the slightest change in the body temperature will be revealed to you.

4.Safety and precision guaranteed:

In order to get the corrects readings, every time you insert the thermometer in your child’s ears, this infrared thermometer from Braun comes with lens filters that protect the delicate tip from scratches and also protects it from dust and impurities like ear wax that can have an impact on the numbers that you see on the screen.

It also prevents the spreading of germs from one person to another. It’s easy to ensure the safety of your child as well as those handling the thermometer.

Product Benefits:

  • Manufactured by one of the most reliable names when it comes to healthcare.
  • Gives a more accurate reading of your baby’s body temperature as it uses the latest technology.
  • Is a painless and soft device that can be safely used on the babies.
  • Parents are guided to ensure that the thermometer is inserted correctly.
  • The pre-warmed tip helps deliver the most precise reading in just a few seconds.

The Negative Things:

  • The display is not back-lit, so you cannot read it in the dark.

Highlighted Features:

  • It displays the temperature in both celsius and fahrenheit.
  • The pre-warmed tip ensures that the correct readings are delivered.
  • The lens filters ensures the safety of your child.
  • The quick readings ensures that you don’t have to struggle to hold your child down while reading his body temperature.
  • It has a memory function that informs the parents about the last recorded readings.
  • It also comes with a protective case and batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do you change the measurement unit on this device?

Press and hold both the ‘Power’ and ‘read’ buttons when the device is off, until the unit changes.

2. Can it be used without the lens filter?

The thermometer cannot be used without the lens filter.

3. How many times can the filter be re-used?

You can re-use the filter for about 5 to 7 times after which a warning sign will be shown on bottom right side of the screen.

Final Verdict:

With the Braun ear thermometer, measuring your baby’s body temperature is easier than you could have ever imagined! The best part is that you can use it on him even when he is sleeping as the thermometer is so soft that it won’t even wake him up.

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