Best Thermometer for Baby Informative Reviews To Help You

An accurate thermometer is an essential tool for everyone with a baby. If you are a parent, you probably know the importance of using one before you can rush your little one to the hospital. It will give you an accurate temperature reading that will guide your next course of action.

If you have babies, you know that temperature is a tricky subject which if not attended to might lead to serious trouble. Sometimes, when the child temperature is known, it is easy for parents to deal with chilly bedrooms or a worrying fever that keeps everyone up at night. When it comes to choosing thermometers, you will be spoil for choice ranging from a simple bath to the clinical grade thermometers. Also, they come in different shapes and can be used either orally, rectally, auxiliary, on the forehead, or ear canal.

Wondering how to choose the best thermometer for your baby? What are some of the best baby thermometers in their market and their best features? Read the article below to learn more!

#1. Braun FHT1000- Forehead Thermometer

Best Thermometer for Baby

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Braun FHT1000- Forehead thermometer is one of the most innovative, convenient, and non-invasive baby thermometers that provide highly accurate and consistent results. It utilizes the infrared ray technology and measures the skin’s surface temperature over the temporal artery that connects the skin surface to the heart.

The forehead thermometer is easy to use as you are required to swipe the device diagonally across the forehead. It displays the results instantly. It is ideal for kids of all ages.

It can be used on children as it has minimal disturbance. You can take the reading as the child sleeps. The thermometer has a big screen for easy reading and color coding for easy fever detection. Yellow represents a slight fever; green shows no fever, and red shows high temperature.


  • It is non-invasive and safe to use
  • It is easy to read and accurate
  • It recalls the last temperature reading
  • Helps minimize spreading of germs as it is hygienic and safe
  • It gives instant readings
  • Has an auto-display reading for clear display
  • It is clinically tested and approved
  • It is portable and lightweight


  • Sweating on the forehead affects the readings
  • It only uses Fahrenheit and not centigrade

Highlighted features

  • Has non-invasive convenience
  • Made in the US and can be imported
  • Large-coded screen for easy reading and fever detection
  • Takes readings in seconds
  • Hygienic and safe to use

#2. Braun IRT6500US Ear Thermometer

Best Thermometer for Baby

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The Braun IRT6500US Ear thermometer measures the infrared heat the eardrum and surrounding tissue generates. It has a small soft tip and a disposable lens for hygiene purposes. Insert the thermometer gently into the child’s ear and wait for a few seconds. It is ideal for children of all ages as long as they have no ear infections. It causes an uncomfortable pain.

Why measure the baby’s temperature from the ear? The ear canal is close to the eardrum which shares a blood supply with the temperature control center of the brain. It gives an accurate reflection of the body’s temperature.

The thermometer offers fast and accurate results. It has a memory function that enables users to remember the last reading and temperature evolution to be followed. It comes with additional accessories such as a protective case, 2AA batteries, and 21 lens filters.


  • Gentle and easy to use
  • Gives accurate reading when used correctly
  • Has a pre-warmed tip for accuracy
  • Temperature reading displays in seconds
  • It interchanges between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings


  • Not ideal for children with ear infections
  • Some users did not get accurate readings
  • It does not have a back-light

Highlighted Features

  • Soft and flexible tip with disposable filter detector
  • Gentle, fast, and easy to use
  • It has a positioning guidance system for proper positioning
  • Has inbuilt memory for previous temperature recordings
  • An easy positioning system for ease of use

#3. Clinical Thermometer Temperature Underarm Axillary

Best Thermometer for Baby

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Clinical Thermometer Temperature Underarm Axillary is ideal for use by infants, adults, and animals. It utilizes the Generation Guard superior microchip technology with a highly sensitive tip sensor ideal for themouth, armpit, and anal use.

The thermometer has been clinically testedand FDA approved. It delivers the best and reliable results using three options; the oral, rectal and the axillary or underarm method. It is clearly calibrated to offer accurate reading and alternates between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings.

The thermometer is free of lead, mercury, and BPA. It has a fever indicator, and an easy to read LCD screen. It retains the memory of the last reading and has auto-off power saving features for increased efficiency.


  • Takes temperature in 15 seconds
  • It measures temperature orally, in the rectum, and the underarm
  • It has a monitor fever temperature
  • It is safe and comfortable to use
  • It has an advanced microchip and a highly sensitive sensor tip
  • Its robust design makes it unbend-able
  • It is 100 percent water resistant and easy to clean
  • It is made from lead, BPA, and mercury safe.
  • FDA and CE approved


  • It takes too long to settle
  • Using it the wrong way gives inaccurate results

Highlighted features

  • 100 percent water resistant
  • Fever indicator
  • Mercury, lead, and PBA Free
  • Alternates between Fahrenheit and Celsius reading
  • Ideal for humans and animals
  • It has clear calibrations for accurate reading
  • Measures body temperature and basal temperature

#4. Braun NTF3000US Braun No Touch 

Best Thermometer for Baby

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The Braun NTF3000US Braun No Touch Forehead Thermometer is a convenient, safe, and non-invasive thermometer that is clinically approved to read a child’s temperature without touching the skin. It offers professional accuracy and can be used by children of all ages.

You do not have to wake up a sleeping child to take his or her temperature. All you need to do is to hold the thermometer 2 inches or 5 cm away from the forehead to get accurate readings. The blacklist and color-coded display makes it easy to read even in darkness. The color-coded display alerts you if the temperature is getting worse or improving.

Are you worried the beeping sound will awake your sleeping child? The thermometer has a setting that allows the user to mute the sound.

It is easy to use and has two modes;the traditional forehead touch and no-touch techniques. Both techniques offer accurate results. Place the thermometer on the forehead, press the thermometer button, and wait two seconds for the results to display.


  • It is easy to use
  • It has two modes which display accurate results
  • The back-lit display makes the reading possible even in dim light
  • It comes with additional resources such as a protective cap and batteries
  • It is non-invasive and convenient for children of all ages and adults too.


  • Use the thermometer as prescribed for accurate results
  • Requires regular replacement as some features fail
  • Sweating on the forehead might affect the results

Highlighted features

  • Patented technology that captures twice the body heat to accurate results
  • Large and easy to read screens
  • It has a color-codes for tracking fever progression
  • It has a positioning system that reduces error
  • Gentle LED light and on-screen indicators for accurate results

5. QQCute Temperature Professional Thermometer

Best Thermometer for Baby

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QQCute Temperature Professional Thermometer is clinically tested and approved to offer accurate and reliable when used as per the instructions. The dual ear and forehead thermometer is ideal for children of all ages as it is non-invasive and easy to use.

It is important to note that different body parts have different temperatures. For instance, the ear temperature might be higher than the forehead temperature. It uses the most advanced technology to give professional and accurate results in seconds.

Here is how to use the thermometer. Take the probe cover off and point the thermometer on the child’s forehead keeping a distance of 3-5 mm. Press the start button, wait for the beep and get the reading. It is ideal for outdoor and indoor use.


  • It is easy and safe to use on children
  • It utilizes the latest technology to get the accurate reading
  • It has a big screen and back-lit display for easy reading
  • Can be used on children of all ages and adults alike
  • It has both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings
  • Comes with additional accessories such as extra batteries and a protective cover


  • Some users felt it was not long-lasting
  • Using it in the wrong way will give inaccurate results

Highlighted features

  • It is easy to use
  • Instant display and reading of the results
  • Utilizes the latest technology to detect the accurate temperature
  • Memory recall function for the last 30 readings
  • It has a fever alarm function
  • It switches between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Has a large screen and back-lit display for clear readings

#6. Exergen Temporal Forehead Thermometer Tat 2000c Scanner

Best Thermometer for Baby

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The Exergen Temporal Forehead Thermometer Tat 2000c Scanner is an accurate gentle forehead scanner and the ideal choice for children in a premier hospital. It is easy to use and can be used on a sleeping child or those with ear infections.

Why measure body temperature using the temporal artery? The temporal artery, located on the forehead directly connects the carotid artery to the heart. It has a constant blood flow needed for accurate measurement of body temperature.

Exergen Temporal Forehead Thermometer Tat 2000c Scanner is one of the safest, convenient, and non-invasive thermometers that can be used by children of all ages. It is ideal for squirmy babies. It offers better results than the rectal thermometers.

The thermometer takes 1000 readings per second and selects the most accurate. Additionally, the arterial heat balance is crucial in computing the accurate temperature. The red LED lights make it easy to read the baby’s temperature.

The thermometer comes with a 9-volt battery and has been used in various hospital studies.


  • Takes 1000 readings per seconds and picks the most accurate
  • Easy and safe to use
  • It has a red LED light that displays the readings
  • It has a soft beep that can be muted
  • It is the ideal choice for all family members
  • It offers accurate and professional readings


  • A sweaty forehead affects the readings
  • Offers accurate results when used correctly

Highlighted features

  • Made in the USA
  • The gentle strokes on the forehead captures the heat emitted by the body
  • Has a soft beep and red LED lights that display the right readings
  • Safe and easy to use

#7. Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit Thermometer

Best Thermometer for Baby

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The Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit Thermometer has 21 accessories besides the digital forehead thermometer. Some of the additional accessories include medical syringe, nasal aspirator, emergency information card, teether, and other grooming and oral care products for children. It is a product that first-time parents-might love.

The kit is latex, lead, and PBA free making it safe for use on the children. It switches from Celsius to Fahrenheit readings. It is a little kit with items that would benefit children of both sexes aged 0-12 months. It is easy to clean and can be described as a survival kit for the children. However, parents should not use the accessories as toy parts. They should also follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


  • It has a digital thermometer that offers accurate and consistent readings
  • Ideal for boys and girls
  • Its’ convenient storage is ideal for traveling
  • It is lead-free and safe for the kids
  • It switches between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • The material is soft on the baby’s skin
  • It is the perfect fit for first-time mums
  • It is easy to clean


  • Some of the accessories are cheap quality and need regular replacement
  • Failure to follow instructions on how to use the accessories might be fatal

Highlighted features

  • Ideal for kids aged 0-12 months
  • Digital forehead thermometer for easy and accurate readings
  • 21 grooming, medical, and healthcare items fit for any nursery
  • Durable storage case
  • Synthetic and comes in different colors

#8.Medical Ear Thermometer With Forehead Function –iProven DMT-489

Best Thermometer for Baby

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The Medical Ear Thermometer With Forehead Function –iProven DMT-489 is a thermometer with an upgraded infrared technology that offers professional and accurate results. It is ideal for professional and home use.

The Medical Ear Thermometer With Forehead Function –iProven DMT-489 is a thermometer with an upgraded infrared technology that offers professional and accurate results. It is ideal for professional and home use.

The thermometer is clinically tested and FDA approved making it top quality. There is no need to warm it up before using it. Take it out of its storage pouch, place on the forehead or ear, and wait for the reading. It has an easy back-light that makes it easy to use at night.


  • Easy and convenient to use in children and adults
  • The back-light makes it easy to use in dim light
  • Has ear and forehead function
  • It displays the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Retains memory for the last 20 readings


  • Not recommended for children below six months
  • No guidance on the temperature ranges

Highlighted features

  • iProven DMT-489 technology for accurate reading
  • Easy, convenient to use, and non-invasive
  • It has a forehead and ear function
  • Clinically tested and FDA approved
  • Memory retention

#9. Metene Forehead and Ear Thermometer

Best Thermometer for Baby

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The MeteneForehead andEar Thermometer is an infrared digital thermometer ideal for infants, babies, toddlers, and adults alike. It is FDA and CE approved making it safe to use on the children.

The thermometer has two modes; the forehead and ear detection. However, the ear test method is suitable for children over three months. It also has a fever warning, 20 reading memory retention and one second measurement time.

How do you achieve the accurate reading? For starters, place the thermometer in the right place. Place it on the forehead and not to close to the eyebrows. Also, do not press it on the forehead or drill into the ear canal for longer than five seconds as it will lead to inaccurate readings. Wait till the thermometer to beep implying that the temperature reading is complete.

Other additional resources that come with the thermometer include batteries, portable case, and a user manual.


  • Measures temperature in seconds and has a fever warning
  • Easy to use and has clear readings
  • It is accurate
  • It is a dual mode thermometer
  • It is highly reliable


  • There will be slight variations depending on where the temperature is taken
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for accurate results

Highlighted features

  • Fever warning
  • LED light for easy reading
  • Have forehead and ear detection options
  • Memory retention-retains the last 20 readings
  • Measures temperature in seconds

#10. InnovoMedical Forehead And Ear Thermometer

Best Thermometer for Baby

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The InnovoMedical Foreheadand Ear Thermometer is CE and FDA approved making it ideal for children and adults alike. The dual mode thermometer can be used on a child who is more than 12 months old. It offers accurate and reliable readings and uses the infra-red lens upgraded technology. It is fast and easy to use. All you need to do is press F1 for forehead measurements and F2 for ear measurements. It gives instant results in seconds.

Other amazing features of the thermometer include the fever indicator which beeps and flickers when the temperatures exceed 37.5 C. It has micro-intelligence that works under varied environmental temperatures.

The AccuSense sensor utilizes the latest technology to measure the temperature accurately. You do not have to worry about seeing the results displayed on the screen. The LCD screen display makes the reading possible even in dim light.

Its ergonomic design makes it user-friendly and easy to carry. It also offers comfort to the user. It has a reflective finish with an advanced shield that reflects the infra-red away from the environment.


  • Easy to use in different environments
  • LCD screen display for easy reading even in dim light
  • CE and FDA approved
  • It has dual functionality
  • Safe and hygienic to use
  • Ideal for children and adults


  • Using it the wrong way will give inaccurate results
  • It will give inaccurate results when used on sweaty foreheads
  • List Element

Highlighted features

  • AccuSense for accurate temperature reading
  • LCD display for elegant visibility
  • Its ergonomic design makes it user-friendly
  • Dual function (ear and forehead) temperature measuring technique
  • Fever indicator with rapid beep and flickering light for extreme temperatures
  • It has intelligence that works under varied environments

How to Choose the Best Baby Thermometer?

The warmth on your baby’s forehead alerts you there is a problem, but it does not tell the actual story. It is therefore important to ensure you invest in the right thermometer. Some thermometers might give inconsistent results causing panic and worry for no reason.

What factors should you consider while buying the best thermometer for baby?

#1. Understand the different types of the thermometers

There are two major classifications of baby thermometers:

a) Digital stick thermometers

They replaced the old mercury thermometers and are the most commonly used. These thermometers come with an LCD display and an easy to press the start button. Some will have an audible peep or any other signal indicating the reading is complete. Also, they may have a flexible-tip or rigid tip and rely on batteries to function. They can be used orally, rectally, or auxiliary.

b) Infrared thermometers

They measure the heat produced by the body and take a few seconds to display the reading. They are slightly expensive compared to the digital thermometers and offer more accurate and reliable readings.

The infrared thermometers measure the body temperature using the ear canal and forehead. Using a cold probe tip will give a cooler reading and vice versa. Using a pre-warmed tip for effective results is important.

With the non-contact infrared thermometers, you are required to hold the thermometer an inch or two away from the patient’s forehead. Press the button to display the red light on the forehead and wait for the results to be displayed.

The specific thermometer types include, but are not limited to:

The rectal thermometer offers the most accurate and consistent results and is suitable for the newborns. However, they require one to be patient and the baby needs to be awake to get the temperature.

The multi use thermometer has a sensor that reads the body temperature. It is placed in the mouth, rectally, or under the arm and it gives accurate results.

Temporal-artery thermometer or the forehead thermometers use infrared rays to measure the temporal artery temperature. A quick swipe across the forehead gives the body temperature reading. It is safe, comfortable, and easy to use for babies of any age.

Tympanic/ear thermometer uses infrared rays to measure the ear canal’s temperature. It is safe to use, although it is a bit trickier compared to other thermometers.

#2. Age appropriate thermometer

What thermometer is best suited for your child? Multi-use and rectal thermometers are ideal for children of all ages as they give the most accurate readings.

When buying a rectal thermometer, look for one with a flexible tip for easy insertion. The multi-use thermometer requires special handling as some designs may not prevent over-insertion.

#3. What technique works for your child?

Kids around two years of age are mobile and will most likely protest a rectal thermometer. Using such a thermometer may result in an injury or give an inaccurate reading. For the squirmy children, using an ear or rectal thermometer might be difficult leaving the temporal-artery thermometer the best option.

#4. Accuracy and consistency

If your thermometer does not give accurate results, you might as well use a stick to take your baby’s temperature. Invest in a thermometer that gives accurate results all the times.

You want a thermometer that gives you perfectly accurate results every single time to make the right decisions after reading the temperature. Having an inconsistent reading might lead to a misdiagnosis.

#5. Easy to use and clean

Every parent wants to check their infant’s temperature in seconds without fumbling. Also, you need an easy-to-clean thermometer as it comes into contact with the baby’s skin.

#6. Features

Look out for features such a large screen for easy reading, a completion alert, back-lit display,in-built memory, and a temperature warning indicator for too high or too low temperature.

#7. Response time

How long does it take to show the results? Some thermometers take as little as 3 seconds while other might take long. High-quality baby thermometers should take less time with minimal disturbance and display accurate results.

The Best Baby Thermometer  Brands

As per the review of the best baby thermometers above, you will notice there is a wide array of high-quality thermometer brands. As a matter of fact, most people tend to make purchases based on brand followed by the specifications of individual thermometers.

Some manufacturers will have basic features on their thermometers while others will employ the latest technology and have advanced features that the make the baby thermometer more functional. Here are some of the leading baby thermometer brands available. It is important to note that some of the features are common across individual thermometer brands.

#1. Braun Thermometer Brands

Braun is known for its high-quality, easy-to-use, and accurate thermometers.

The Braun thermometers are designed to take the child’s body temperature most easily and conveniently. They are dual functional thermometers that use forehead or ear. They are used mainly by pediatricians thanks to their amazing features.

The Braun ear thermometers measure the infrared heat produced by the eardrum and its surrounding tissues. The ear gives the accurate body temperature since the eardrum shares ablood supply with the temperature control center from the brain. When body temperature rises, it is detected in the ear.

The Braun forehead thermometers are no-invasive and give results in seconds. Gently place the thermometer on the forehead, wait for the beep sound, and the reading to show on the back-lit screen. It is the perfect way to get a child’s temperature without disturbing them.

The Braun thermometers have a pre-warmed tip for improved accuracy and use. It also has a unique guidance system that gives precise results. It utilizes the infrared technology that is non-invasive and gives the results in seconds. Other features of the Braun thermometer include memory recall function and a disposable lens. It also has a patented positioning system that confirms it is in good position while in the ear.

#2. QQCute Thermometer Brands

QQCute is a professional health product company that specializes in manufacturing and designing health products such as digital thermometers. All products are high-quality and meet the required technical standards.

The QQCute thermometers are convenient, safe, and easy to use on all children across all ages. There are digital forehead and ear thermometers that give instant and accurate temperature readings. Also, the thermometers can be used by adults in equal convenience.

The thermometers are designed for home use and utilize the latest technology to give accurate readings. You can use it on a sleeping child without causing any disturbance. It has a memory retention function of up to the last 20 readings. Other features include the back-light display for easy reading even in dim light, an auto-off button, and a fever alarm indicator. It is clinically tested and approved making it safe to use.

#3. Exergen Thermometer Brands

The Exergen thermometer brands manufacturers design and manufacture the best hospital grade, professional and home use thermometers. It utilizes the advanced infrared technology that is non-invasive and offers accurate results in seconds.

The Exergen thermometers use the temporal artery blood to determine the body temperature. An increase in body pressure is automatically detected. It can be used on newborns, infants, children, and adults. It is fast and easy to use without causing any disturbance even to a sleeping child. Simply place the thermometer gently on the forehead and wait for the reading.

You do not have to worry about the transferring germs and bacteria as it has the option of using disposable covers. Alternatively, it is easy to clean with rubbing alcohol and lukewarm water in the bid to keep them clean and prevent spreading germs and bacteria to other users. Also, some Exergen thermometer brands have an audible indicator and LCD display for ease of reading. Use the thermometer as required for accurate readings all the time.

#4. Metene Thermometer Brands

The Metene thermometer brands are digital non-contact thermometers that utilize the advanced infrared technology. It measures the temperature using the forehead and has an easy to read LCD screen with a back-light.

The Metene thermometer brands are FDA and CE approved making them to use on babies. You do not need to touch the baby’s forehead to get the reading. Hold the thermometer close to the baby’s forehead and the temperature reading show instantly.

The thermometer can be used by babies, toddlers, and adults alike. The digital thermometer has a superior microchip and highly sensitive sensor that accurately captures the temperature of people, room, as well as objects.

Users can alternate between Celsius and Fahrenheit readings at the click of a button. Before using the thermometer for the first time, let it sit still for about 30 minutes so that it picks the temperature of the current environment. However, you will experience a normal error and accuracy range of 0.3 degrees Celsius or 0.6 F.

#5. Innovo Thermometer Brands

Innovois known to design high-end thermometers with advanced features that utilize the latest infra-red scanning technology. They are extremely reliable, accurate, and have received the FDA and CE approval.

The Innovo thermometer brands are digital and non-contact thermometers with a dual mode of operation. It measures temperature using the forehead or ear. The ear technique is best suited for children below one year.

To use the ear function, press F2 and F1 for the forehead function. Wait for a few seconds before it changes to the preferred mode. Measure the forehead temperature by removing the sensor cover and placing it close the forehead. Results will be displayed in seconds. However, a sweaty forehead might not give the accurate results.

For the ear measurement, remove the sensor cover and slowly insert into the child’s ear canal. The temperature probe should be aligned with the eardrum for accurate results and to minimize any potential risks. To avoid inaccurate temperature reading, the temperature sensor should have no dirt and use the thermometer in an environment with no strong air draft.

The Innovo thermometer brands have a 20 reading memory recall function and alternates between Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. It also has a visual and auditory alarm that alerts you when temperatures exceed 99.5 F/37.5 C.

#6. VitalTemp Non-Contact Thermometer Brand

The VitalTemp Non-Contact thermometers are compact and easy to use. They are non-invasive and convenient making it ideal to use on children. It utilizes the infrared rays’ technology that gives accurate results and the manufacturer offers a life time guarantee.It has amazing features such as back-lit LCD display and memory retention. Users have the option to select their preferred modes and measurement units.

#7. iProvenThermometer Brand

The iProven thermometer brand is a professional, clinically certified, and approved thermometer which offers reliable and accurate results. You can easily switch from ear to forehead readings and requires no probe covers. It delivers results in seconds and its large and back-lit display makes it easy to read even in dim light. It is lightweight and can be easily carried even as you travel.

#8. Clinical Thermometer Temperature (Underarm, Axillary, Orally) thermometer brands

The Clinical Thermometer temperature thermometer brands are the most used and inexpensive digital thermometers which are easy to read and monitor fever. They replaced the traditional mercury thermometer making them safe to use on babies and children.

Place the thermometer under the armpit, wait for the beep sound, and your results will display. You can also use it orally or rectally. It measures body temperature four times faster compared to the traditional mercury thermometers. It is a superior microchip and a highly sensitive dual tip that alternated between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings.

The thermometer brand is made from high-quality material that FDA and European approved. It is safer than mercury which is considered a potentially dangerous metal. The brand’s manufacturer paid special attention to the thermometer’s design. It is safe and comfortable to use on your child without causing any harm. You do not have to worry about saving power as this brand of thermometer has an off-automatic shut that conserves the battery. It has a clear protective case for easy storage and extra protection. It is water-proof and has a flexible for easy cleaning which helps stop the spread of germs. The large and easy-read LCD display makes the readings possible even in limited light.

#9. Summer Infant Thermometer Brands

The Summer Infant Thermometer brand is specially designed and manufactured for infants and newborns. The complete package comes with an ear thermometer that takes fast and accurate readings. It is baby-friendly, easy, and safe to use on the babies.

The thermometer has a glow feature that indicates if the baby has a fever or not. It also comes with an additional oral thermometer as a convenient bonus.Other features that the thermometer brand ideal for children includes the memory recall feature of the last 12 readings. It has the Fahrenheit and Celsius option. The pediatric tip for infants and a toddler tip makes it is easy to use without causing disturbance to the baby. It also has a glow feature that shows when body temperature exceeds the normal limit.

Aside from that, the package comes with a complete nursery kit that has a myriad of hygiene and other supplies an infant might need. It includes a soft hair brush, baby monitor and teether among others at an affordable cost. Use the thermometer according to the manufacturer’s specifications for reliable and accurate results. Also, use the right thermometer for the right job.

Why You Need The Best Thermometer for Baby

Your child’s temperature might flare up without notice at the dead of the night. Having a baby thermometer in place becomes a necessary evil. It will help you assess the situation before running to the emergency room. Also, you can use the thermometer to measure the temperature of a room or object that might affect the child’s well-being. However, do not fall into the trap of buying a specific kind of thermometer for your little one.

For starters, it might not be appropriate for the baby because of the age. For instance, an oral thermometer would not be suitable for newborns since they cannot hold it under their tongue. An ear thermometer would not be ideal for someone with an ear infection.

A thermometer may appear straightforward but it will not give you the accurate results if used incorrectly. Read the manual for instructions regardless of how simple it might appear to be used.

Baby Thermometer Safety Tips

We all know what to look out for a while buying the best baby thermometer. However, very few pay attention to the safety concerns. What are some of the baby thermometer safety concerns to consider?

Here are a few helpful tips:

#1. Say NO to mercury thermometers

It is common knowledge that mercury is dangerous. Mercury is toxic and targets the brain which may cause potential damage to the child’s cognitive thinking, memory, motor, and language development.

Mercury has been replaced by the digital versions that lack the potentially dangerous metal. If you are holding onto any mercury thermometer, it is advisable to get rid of it. While at it, do not throw it in the trash can as mercury is considered a hazardous waste.

#2. Cleaning the thermometer

Whatever body part the thermometer touches, be it the forehead, underarms, or mouth, it is important to clean the thermometer first. Regular cleaning kills all germs and stops bacteria from reproducing. Failure to clean the thermometer might cause the child to be sick. Use rubbing alcohol, soap and lukewarm water.

#3. Strictly adhere to the instructions

Read the instructions that come with the thermometer. Follow the instructions on the manual for accurate and reliable results.

#4. Different thermometers for different uses

For instance, if you use a digital thermometer to get a rectal temperature reading, do not use it in the mouth. Label your thermometers to avoid confusion. Have different thermometers for different locations to avoid spreading bacteria and germs that cause diseases. Your child’s health is paramount.

#5. Child’s safety

To ensure your child’s safety, do not leave your child unattended as you take their temperature. Ensure the thermometer stays in place, especially for the rectal ones, to avoid potential injuries. Also, do not use an ear thermometer on a child who can keep still or it may cause damage to their ear canal.

Most thermometers will come with protective cover cases, probe covers, and other accessories that might be potential hazards for the kids. Store the thermometer away from unsupervised kids including small parts that might choke them.

#6. Choose the age-appropriate thermometer

There are designated baby thermometers for different ages. For children below three months, temporal artery thermometers offer accurate readings. The use of rectal thermometers is recommended too.

As the child grows old, the rectal and armpit thermometer might be an ideal option especially if the child is squirm. The ear thermometer is not suitable for kids with ear infections. Buying the appropriate age thermometer for accurate reading is important.

#7. Avoid pacifier thermometers

The pacifier thermometers take a long time to measure the temperature. Also, they are a choking hazard to the baby and do not give very accurate readings.

#8. Oral thermometers and older kids

Older kids can use oral thermometers since they can keep still as you take their temperature. The kids are big enough to hold the device firmly in the mouth till a reading is captured.

#9. Pay special attention to the features

Different thermometers have different features. Choose a thermometer with features that suit your needs. For instance, thermometers with soft tips cannot be used rectally. Ease and comfort of use should be the guiding factor.

The Accurate Way of Taking Temperature

How do you ensure you are taking temperature the right way? It is important to note that different techniques will offer different results. Whatever the method you choose (be it oral, rectal, or under the armpits), ensure you do it correctly or you will get inaccurate readings.

Choose a temperature taking method that you are comfortable with and use it every time. It is important to be consistent when taking the temperature. Using different thermometers and techniques will only confuse you.

Follow the directions that come with your preferred thermometer. If your thermometer uses batteries and shows inconsistent readings, it might be time to change the batteries.

If that trick does not work, get a new a thermometer which shows an accurate and reliable reading.

If you are using an ear thermometer, ensure the temperature team should be warm. Using a cold tip will give cooler results. Pre-warming the tip gives accurate results.

Always position the ear thermometer when it is aligned to the ear canal. It gives an accurate reading and helps prevent potential injuries.


Following our extensive review of the baby thermometer, we recommend the Braun NTF3000US Braun No Touch Forehead Thermometeras the best thermometer for baby. For starters, it is safe, convenient, non-invasive and is clinically approved. Unlike other thermometers, you can use it on a child without causing any disturbance. You need to hold the thermometer 3-5 mm away from the child’s forehead and wait for the reading to show on the screen. It is ideal for boys and girls of all ages. It has amazing features that make it easy to use. You can mute the beep sound if it bothers you. It has two techniques (traditional forehead- touch and no –touch technique) that both give accurate results. You can read the temperature measurements in darkness, thanks to the back-light and size able screen. The positioning system technology helps reduce error. The thermometer comes with additional resources such as extra batteries and a protective cap too. However, you have to use the thermometer as prescribed or you will get inaccurate readings. Also, a sweaty forehead will give inaccurate results too.

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