Baby Room Thermometer Reviews

A child tends to move around a lot when you take their temperature. Keeping them in one position becomes a difficult task. But all this hassle seems to go away with this baby room thermometer. Now you do not need to stop your child from playing or moving around. You also will not need to wake them up from their sleep.

This baby room thermometer uses infrared technology or non-contact technology to check your baby’s temperature. It is very easy to use and gives you the reading in just 1 second. If you do not have time to check the temperature displayed, then don’t worry. This has a talking feature which can just speak the temperature recorded.

Who Is It For?

The Baby room Thermometer can be used by anyone and everyone be it adults or children. With the body temperature, you also have the feature to record the room temperature.

baby room thermometer reviews

Baby Room Thermometer Features

Instant results:

It is an extremely easy to use thermometer device which records your baby’s temperature in just 1 second. It gives a fast and an accurate reading. You can change the setting and operate it very easily with the instructions given in both English and Spanish.

Hygienic and Non invasive:

The Baby Room Thermometer does not come in contact with the sick person’s body. Rather, it is recorded by keeping it 5cm away from the body. Therefore, there is no risk of germs spreading from one person to another. So, you can measure multiple temperatures at once without having to clean it multiple times.

Stores Previous Readings:

This thermometer can record up to 12 of your previous temperature readings. This means that there is no hassle of remembering the previous temperatures or writing it down.

Touch-less infrared technology:

The Baby Room Thermometer has a touch less infrared technology which makes the recording of your baby’s temperature hassle free. You have to just position the thermometer 5cm away from the temporal region of the forehead and the temperature will be recorded in just 1 second.

Voice Mode:

The thermometer has a voice mode which reads out the temperature recorded in English or Spanish, as per your choice. If your child is asleep and you do not want the temperature to be read aloud then you can easily turn the voice mode off using the instruction manual present in English and Spanish. Additional hints


  • It has a 2 year replacement warranty if the product is defected.
  • It has a voice mode which reads out the temperature reading in English or Spanish.
  • It uses infrared no touch technology.
  • It avoids risks of germ spreading through its no touch technology.
  • It can store up to 12 previous readings.
  • It gives accurate reading in just 1 second.


  • It has only English and Spanish as the languages and no other language.

Highlighted Features

  • It fast and accurate reading in just 1 second.
  • There is no risk of germ spreading which keeps the device clean and can be used by multiple people at once
  • It can store up to 12 previous readings.
  • It has a voice mode which speaks out the temperature reading and can also be switched off when necessary.
  • It can give a hassle free reading even when the child is sleeping because of the non-touch and infrared technology.

FAQ- Some Questions and Answers

1- Can you switch off the talking mode?

Yes the talking mode can be made into English, Spanish or silent mode. The instruction for the same is written in both English and Spanish. When the power mode if odd, you have to just press the scan button for about 5 seconds then release the button. Press the scan and release again and then choose between voice “on” or “off” and it is set to that mode.

2- Does this have any warranty?

Yes, it has a 2 year warranty. If the thermometer does not function due to defective parts then they will either replace or repair it.

3- Can we switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit?

Yes, you can easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. When the device is in power-off mode, then you press the scan button for about 13 seconds. Press the scan button again and release it. You then choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit and then your setting is saved.


The baby room thermometer uses a non-touch infrared technology to check the temperature. So if your child moves around a lot then you can use this thermometer as it requires only 1 second giving you an accurate reading. Moreover, it reads out the temperature with the talking mode. If you want a hassle free way of taking temperatures, then you know what to buy. 

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