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Sometimes, you need to take a loved one or patient’s temperature quickly and easily. Who has time to swap filters or sterilize thermometer sensors when you are trying to check for a fever or your appointment list is full with no end of patients in sight? That’s where an infrared forehead thermometer can be worth its weight in gold. 

As far as saving time and discomfort without sacrificing accuracy, there really is no better option than a temporal artery thermometer for taking a temperature reading. Not sure what to get or what features you will need for your job, practice, or household? Not a problem. Read the following buyer’s guide and recommended product reviews for all of the essential information necessary for buying the best temporal thermometer for your needs.

How To Choose The Best Temporal Thermometers

Here’s where to start when you are shopping for a good infrared temporal thermometer for home or clinical use:

Non-Slip Grip

If you are going to be using your temporal thermometer frequently, you want a model that is going to be easy to grip and hold onto while in use, or when retrieving it from your scrub or coat pocket in an exam room setting.

Back-lit Display

Finally got that little one to sleep despite their being sick and fussy? The last thing you want to do is turn on the light and wake them back up to check their temperature. Make sure your infrared thermometer has a back-lit display so you can check on your loved one or patient without needing to turn on a light.

Silent Operation

Loud beeps in the dark are almost as bad as flipping on the lights when it comes to toddlers and light sleepers. A silent operation mode makes life better for everyone.

Touch-Free Readings

Certain models of temporal thermometer require you to actually make physical contact with the skin near the temporal artery. This presents a problem in terms of keeping your thermometer from spreading sickness to others, so always choose a touch less model if it fits your budget simply for the convenience of not needing to clean/sterilize it after every use.

Sturdy Storage Solution

Some infrared temporal thermometers come with a clip on cover that protects the sensor when it is not in use, while others come with a protective sleeve or enclosed carry case with accessories. Make sure that no matter which you choose that you are going to be happy with the storage method included in the box. Anything that has small parts that can come off presents a choking hazard around small children.

Recommended Best Temporal Thermometers Reviews 

1- Withings Thermo - Smart Thermometer

Editor Rating

For the discriminating user that needs to track and accurately record regular temperature readings, Withings makes this compact handheld unit that actually wireless transmits reading data to your smartphone or tablet. The Smart Thermometer also has 16 sensors that record over 4,000 near simultaneous measurements for superior accuracy, and results are recorded and displayed in 2 seconds or less.

Touch free operation ensures the sensor remains hygienic, and the direct data transfer allows doctors and other healthcare professionals to update digital patient charts with a time/date stamped reading instantly while making rounds. Home users can also benefit from these advanced features when taking their child or loved one to the doctor as well, providing their physician with an exceptionally accurate record of their fluctuations in body temperature.


  • Wireless sync and log via free app to track and manage fever as well as predict the course of illness based on patient history, sex, and age.
  • Touch-free operation that can also be used to check bottle temperatures or bathwater temperatures
  • Impressive accuracy in only 2 seconds even at distances exceeding three inches from the surface of the skin


  • Display can be difficult to read in bright light, limiting its usefulness
  • Runs down its batteries quickly, and batteries are non-rechargeable
  • No silent operation mode for use at night when taking a reading

2- iProven DMT-489

Editor Rating

An upgrade version of iProven’s most popular model, the DMT-489 offers both temporal artery readings for non-invasive convenience and inner ear readings for enhanced accuracy. Two-button operation allows users to choose forehead/temple readings or inner ear readings quickly and conveniently, and the lens covers can be rapidly exchanged with just a twist to go from checking an inner ear temperature to a forehead temperature with minimal interference.

Additionally, the DMT-489 can store a log of up to 20 readings at a time, making it easy to track and record the progress of your child/loved one’s or patient’s illness with minimal additional effort. Furthermore, this infrared thermometer is built to clinical standards of durability and accuracy, making it ideal for home or medical practice use. The included carrying case also makes it incredibly easy to store safely and hygienically, and the non-slip rubber grip makes it easy to hold onto in any scenario.


  • Large back-lit display for use in low light levels
  • Two-button operation for simplicity and convenience
  • Non-slip grip for safe and secure operation in any situation.


  • Ear-tip lense must be cleaned and sterilized after every use
  • Not a touch-free infrared thermometer, meaning it will need to be at least wiped down with a sterilizer or disinfectant after each use
  • Storage case has small parts, presenting a choking hazard

3- ADC Adtemp 427 Temple Touch

Editor Rating

Highly recommended for home users looking for the convenience of a temporal thermometer without breaking their budget, ADC Adtemp offers the 427 model. As a purpose specific temporal thermometer, it is ideal for taking temperatures without concern for cross contamination between members of your household. All you have to do is wipe it down with some rubbing alcohol or a disinfectant swab and it is ready to use again. You save money on both the thermometer itself, and on getting refill disposable lens covers.

Furthermore, this thermometer is rate for clinical use in terms of both accuracy and hygiene, making it usable in professional medical settings as well as at home. Running on two AA battery cells, this model also conserves its power with an auto-off feature, allowing you to go longer between battery swaps. Best of all though, this compact infrared temporal thermometer also has an audible alert when you are done taking a reading, making it easy to know when you are ready to record the displayed temperature.


  • Large LCD display
  • Non-invasive temperature sensor
  • Auto-off power saving feature


  • No included carrying case
  • Not a touch-free model for superior hygiene
  • No back-light or silent mode

4- Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer

Editor Rating

Exergen’s TAT-2000C thermometer makes it easy to take fast and accurate readings for infants, children, teens, and adults in just seconds. Gently passing the sensor over a patient’s forehead is all it takes to record a temperature reading, and the TAT-2000C can store up to 8 readings for reference as needed. The temperature display itself is also back-lit with an amber glow to allow users to take readings in a darkened bedroom or patient room without having to duck out to see what the display reading says. It also has a programmable fever alert and dual temperature scale displays (Fahrenheit and Celsius) for use in US and international medical facilities.

Additionally, the TAT-2000C requires only a 9-volt battery to provide months of reliable use, and it is conveniently sized for carrying in a coat or scrub pocket, as well as for storage in a home medical kit. Overall, it is an exceptional value that will provide your home or clinical practice with reliable and accurate readings for years to come.


  • Fast readings with a single pass over the forehead
  • Back-lit display for easy reading in low light conditions
  • Programmable fever alarm


  • No silent operation mode
  • 9-volt battery makes replacement somewhat pricier than comparable models
  • Not a touch-free thermometer

5- Generation Guard Instant Read Infrared Thermometer

Editor Rating

Possibly one of the best value infrared temporal thermometers available, Generation Guard’s ergonomic model is both easy to use and includes numerous features normally found only on high-end clinical-grade models. The display is back-lit for easy reading in darkened rooms, and it also has a mute function for the reading completion alert. In terms of ideal thermometers for taking a sleeping infant or toddler’s temperature without waking them, this model is definitely a winner.

Additionally, due to its touch-free operation, this thermometer also works well when checking the temperature of bathwater and reheated formula and breast milk bottles as well, making it easier to prevent accidental scalding or burns at bath time or mealtime for your little one. Even more impressive though is this thermometer’s clinically rated accuracy, granting you the peace of mind that you are getting an accurate reading of your sick loved one’s current body temperature.


  • Touch-free readings via forehead or the temporal artery
  • Clinical-grade accuracy in the convenience of your own home
  • Silent operation and brightly lit back-light make this thermometer ideal for use with sleeping infants and toddlers.


  • Grip is not rubberized
  • Carrying case not included
  • Battery life is somewhat shorter than comparable models


For my money, there isn’t a better model available than the Generation Guard Instant Read Infrared Thermometer. It has the most features for the best price, possesses exceptional accuracy, is built to exacting standards, and most important of all is touch-free. Definitely give it a first look when you are shopping for your own infrared temporal thermometer, as it is possibly one of the best available temporal thermometers on the market today. 

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