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Best rectal thermometer

One of the more nerve-wracking moments as a new parent is using a thermometer to take your newborn or infant’s temperature. Oral and forehead readings are not accurate enough to determine if your infant has a fever, and infrared ear thermometer models still tend to be pricey and don’t always provide the best accuracy in infants under 4 months old. The fact of the matter is that most reliable method for taking your new baby’s temperature is still to use a rectal thermometer.

While it may make some parents feel squeamish, it has been proven as the safest and most reliable means of taking an infant’s temperature and getting an accurate reading. After all, a fever of 100.4 in a newborn or infant under 4 months old can be a sign of a serious infection or illness, so accurate results matter. Here is a buyer’s guide for first timers to help you choose the best rectal thermometer for you and your baby.

#1. iProven DT-R1221B Rectal Thermometer

Rectal Baby Thermometer

Editor Rating

iProven’s offering for rectal thermometers is a simple but effective model that features a generously sized display, a soft coated probe, and a waterproof design. Temperature readings can be taken in less than 10 seconds, and the thermometer is rated to 1/10th of a degree for overall accuracy, ensuring that your readings are right the first time.

Additionally, the interface of the thermometer is extremely simple to operate, requiring users to simply push power, lubricate the tip, and insert it gently to take a reading. Furthermore, the DT-R1221B has very quiet alerts that it has finished taking a reading, making it easy to use when you don’t want to disturb baby or the rest of the household. It also features a memory feature that records the last three readings in case you need to refer to them later. All in all, it’s a solid performer that works well and is only minimally invasive.


  • Soft-touch probe
  • Easy-to-read display with memory
  • Rapid test results


  • Display is not back-lit
  • Tip is not flexible
  • Narrow design of display makes handling a challenge

#2. Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer

Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer

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A producer of high quality infant and newborn medical products for decades, Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer is ideal for taking accurate temperature measurements safely and quickly. The probe itself is intentionally kept short to prevent over-insertion, and the tip is highly flexible to prevent accidental injury when taking your little one’s temperature. The large display is back-lit for easier use in low lighting conditions, and it retains the previous three readings for tracking changes in your infant’s body temperature over time.

Best of all, the thermometer can take accurate readings within ten seconds, minimizing your infant’s discomfort while you check the severity of their fever or to see if they are in the process of recovering. This compact, fast, and convenient rectal thermometer is a perfect choice for first time parents, medical professionals, and veteran parents alike.


  • Large back-lit display
  • Short flexible tip to reduce the risk of injury
  • Takes readings in ten seconds


  • Shorter probe may require some practice for newer users
  • Compact size means this thermometer can be harder to locate in the baby bag
  • Not a double duty thermometer (cannot be used for taking readings orally)

#3. iProven DT-R1221 Oral and Rectal Thermometer

Oral and Rectal Thermometer

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A fast and accurate thermometer intended for oral or rectal use, this offering from iProven is designed to grow with baby and provide readings for both infants and children. Additionally, this model includes a fever indicator alert, letting you know if your little one is running a fever with three smiley indicators: one for normal, one for elevated, and one for a fever.

There is also an accompanying fever alarm so that you are notified immediately if your child’s temperature has reached a level that may require further home care or professional intervention. Overall, iProven’s DT-R1221 thermometer is a multi-use thermometer that will go the distance with your child as they grow, and will be less likely to require replacement long term.


  • Soft, flexible tip
  • Fast reading time
  • Visual and audible fever alert


  • Longer probe presents greater potential for injury
  • Tip is less flexible than comparable models
  • No back-light in the display

#4. Enji TH-65 Digital Medical Thermometer

Enji TH-65 Digital Medical Thermometer

Editor Rating

This USFDA approved thermometer is a versatile multi function model that allow parents to take temperature readings via rectal, oral, or axillary (under the armpit) methods in ten seconds or less. Perfect for whole household use, this thermometer is just as easy to use for your newborn as it is for your school-aged children. All you need to do is select Fahrenheit or Celsius mode and take a reading as appropriate to the age of your child, and the TH-65 will do the rest. Results are fast, accurate, and reliable.

It is infant friendly thanks to the soft and flexible tip, and is also waterproof for easy cleanup. The TH-65 is also certified mercury-free, and can even be used on pets to check their temperature should they become ill. As multipurpose thermometers go, the Enji TH-65 has everything your family needs for maintaining a watchful eye on fevers and illnesses at home.


  • Fast 10 second readings
  • Dual temperature modes
  • Flexible tip for safety and ease of use


  • No back-light in the display
  • Longer probe presents minor safety concerns for use with an infant
  • Display is comparatively small

#5. Generation Guard Oral/Rectal Digital Thermometer

Generation Guard Oral/Rectal Digital Thermometer

Editor Rating

Thanks to its brightly colored casing and larger display, Generation Guard’s Oral/Rectal thermometer is always easy to find in your home first aid kit or medicine cabinet. Better still, this thermometer is rated as four times faster than standard digital models, allowing you to take accurate readings in just seconds instead of minutes. Due to the high quality design that includes waterproof construction and easy to read LCD display, this thermometer is suitable for both home and clinical use, and it’s built tough enough for both nurses and moms alike.

The included plastic case makes storage secure and easy, and the audible alerts for the thermometer are quiet so as not to disturb patients or little ones when taking a reading. Altogether, the Generation Guard Oral/Rectal digital thermometer is an excellent product that should provide you with many years of reliable service regardless of where or when it is used.


  • Brightly colored case makes it easy to spot in your bag, cabinet, or first aid kit
  • Water-proof design makes cleaning easy
  • Large display is easy to read even in low light


  • No display back-light
  • Longer temperature probe presents a safety concern for use with infants
  • LCD display has to be held at just the right angle to be read

How To Choose Best Rectal Thermometer

There are just a few basic factors that govern the selection process for rectal thermometers: the age of your child, the the design of the thermometer, and the display type and size. Here’s what to look for in the best rectal thermometer for baby.

The Age Question

Is A Rectal Thermometer Age Appropriate?
If you have an infant or newborn, a baby rectal thermometer is going to be the best possible choice for fast and accurate results. However, if you are purchasing a rectal thermometer to use on a two year old or a toddler, you may want to reconsider your choice. 

Older kids tend to squirm and resist a rectal temperature check since it creates discomfort, and this means it is a tearful experience for you both at best and a possible trip to the pediatrician at worst if they accidentally injure themselves due to shifting around while you are taking a measurement. Sticking to other types of thermometers if your child or children are over a year old or so generally good idea.

Choosing the Right Design

Always buy a best baby rectal thermometer with a flexible tip, and use a small amount of KY jelly or similar persona lubricant to prevent discomfort to your little one when inserting the thermometer for a temperature reading. Flexible tips are much safer and far less likely to cause injury to your baby, and shorter probe lengths are also preferable since there is a lower risk of over-inserting the thermometer into your child’s rectum.

Why The Display Matters

The display should be easy to read in low light or back-lit so that it can be read in the dark or under limited lighting conditions. It should also be large enough that you can easily read the numbers on the display without needing to strain your eyes or squint. This makes the entire process easier for you and for baby in the long run. Also, since the display is generally what you use to hold and position the thermometer, it just makes sense that it also be larger for easier handling.


All in all, if you are purchasing a thermometer for rectal use, the best value hands down is definitely the Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer. While it may not be a dual-use thermometer like many of the other models on this list, its unique design, large back-lit display, and shorter soft and flexible tip make it an ideal choice for taking fast and accurate readings of your infant’s temperature with minimal risk of injury or discomfort. Make sure you give the Vick’s Baby Rectal Thermometer first look when shopping for a best baby rectal thermometer for your infant to three-year-old.

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