Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer Reviews

Sometimes when there are many sick people in your house, you have to check one person’s temperature then sanitize the thermometer and use it again for a hygienic use. The Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer solves this problem as it does not come in contact with the person’s skin the entire time. This is because the Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer uses an infrared technology to measure the temperature. It provides the accurate readings using the infrared waves released by the temporal artery just below the skin of the forehead.

Who Is It For?

The Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer can be used by anyone and everyone be it an adult or a child. Not only body but it can also record surface, room and liquid temperatures accurately.

tempir body temperature thermometer reviews

Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer Features

Easy to Use:

It is an extremely easy to use thermometer device which provides fast and accurate readings. It has an advances infrared detection system which provides readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The thermometer also has a fever alarm to indicate if the temperature is too high.

Hygienic and Non invasive:

The Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer does not come in contact with the sick person’s body. Rather, it is recorded by keeping it 5cm away from the body. Therefore, there is no risk of contamination and the device is hygienic. So, you can measure multiple temperatures at once without having to sanitize it again and again. Since the thermometer does not need to touch the body, you can take readings for your baby even when they are sleeping.

Stores Previous Readings:

This thermometer can record up to 32 of your previous temperature readings. This means that there is no hassle of writing down temperatures as the thermometer is doing all the work for you.

Large display screen and battery longevity:

The Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer has a large backlit display screen with big bright LCD numbers which shows good reading even in dark places. The battery has a long life which can take up to 40,000 readings. The device also automatically shuts after 30 seconds of remaining idle in order to save battery life which will also save money for you.

Multi-function thermometer:

The thermometer is multi-functional thermometer which can used to record the surface, room and water temperatures also.

Product Benefits

  • It is an FDA approved and a certified product and also pediatrician recommended.
  • It has a lifetime replacement guarantee which means that the buying is risk free.
  • It avoids any kind of contamination or passing on of germs as there is no contact with the body.
  • Apart from body temperatures it also records water, surface and room temperatures.
  • It stores up to 32 last readings which mean no more remembering of previous temperatures.
  • A high beeping alarm to indicate high temperatures.

The Negative Things

  • Reading of room temperature is not very accurate as reading of surface and water temperatures.
  • It sometimes takes longer to read temperatures on an adult than a baby.

Highlighted Features

  • It is an easy to use device which gives fast and accurate readings.
  • There is no risk of contamination.
  • It can store up to 32 previous readings.
  • It can also be used to measure surface, room and water temperatures.
  • It gives a loud warning if the temperature is too high.

FAQ- Some Questions and Answers

1- Where on the head do you hold the thermometer?

The thermometer is to be kept on the temporal region which is just above your eye brow and about 2 inches toward the ear. That spot is where our temporal artery is and that is the place where you can get the most accurate reading.

2- What kind of battery does the thermometer require and how often do you need to change it?

The battery used is AAA battery. The battery has a high longevity which can take up to 40,000 readings.

3- How do we take the temperature readings on this device?

First you turn on the device by pressing the scan button. You choose from Celsius or Fahrenheit. Then you have to choose between body, surface, room and water temperatures. Choose body. Then place the device 5 cm away from the forehead and place it above the eyebrow and two inches towards your ear. Press the scan button for about a second and the reading will be shown. Do make sure that hair does not obstruct the region.


The Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer uses the infrared technology to determine the temperature which makes sure that there is no risk of contamination and moreover you get a lifetime guarantee. This is an FDA approved product and also pediatrician recommended. So, don’t wait any more. You go ahead and buy it today! 

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